About us

Matthew Lepouris Pty Ltd was established in 1977. Its director, Matthew Lepouris was initially a barber who immigrated to Australia from Greece in 1956 in order to start a new life. His first foray into investing in the commercial property domain began in 1970 when he purchased a commercial property to house his clothing business in Surry Hills. Surry Hills was back in those days an area which was predominately occupied by the clothing industry.

In the next few years with his business growing and the need to expand became apparent and he then acquired 106 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills and 114 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills in which he moved his clothing business into.

In 1980, he sold the clothing business to focus on buying and managing real estate, which developed into a life long passion and pastime.

Now, over 55 years on, and Matthew sadly departed, the company still operates from one of his favourite properties; 2-12 Foveaux St, Surry Hills.

Matthew Lepouris Pty Ltd is now managed by his two daughters, with Angela Lepouris looking after the management side of the business and Anastasia Markakis, a Solicitor, looking after the legal side of the business.